Workshop on the Analysis-Synthesis of the Singing Voice
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
14-15 December 2022
Amphitheater Drakopoulos, University of Athens, Main Building,
Panpistimiou 30

supported by the
ASMA Project (

organized by the
Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology, LabMAT
Music Deaprtment, NKUA

Keynote Speakers


Wednesday, December 14th

09.30   Welcome greetings, Coffee

09.45   Prof. Johan Sundberg (KTH, Se)
Timbre contributions and control of the glottal air flow, the raw material of the voice

 10.30   Prof. Claudia Manfredi (UniFI, It)
Study of the singing voice with objective techniques: its usefulness and limits

11.00   Prof. Malte Dr. Kob (University of Vienna, AU)
Chances and limitations of acoustic voice analysis methods

11.30   Coffee Break

12.00   Axel Hanswilm Dr. Röbel (IRCAM, Fr).
Deep Learning Algorithms for Analysis and Transformation of Singing Style

12.30   Prof Graham Welch (UCL, UK)
Visual feedback Technologies for singing assistance (online)

13.00   Prof Henrich Nathalie (GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, Fr)

13.30   Round table:
Current trends on the analysis/synthesis of the singing voice in vocal pedagogy

14.30   Lunch Break

15.30   Visit at the Dionysos theater and the Museum of Acropolis

16.45   Coffee break

            Labmat, NKUA

 17.00   Workshop

19.00   Cocktail Bar / Finger food

Thursday, December 15th

 09.30 – 10:00  Medicine in singing performance

Prof.Thanos Bibas (School of Medicine, NKUA)

Prof.Stelios Papathanassiou (University of Patras)

10.30 – 11.30   Singing voice and AI

Prof. Vassilis Katsouros (ILSP, Athena Institute)

Dr. Maximos Kaliakatsos (ILSP, Athena Institute)

11.30   Coffee Break

12.00   Prof Anastasia Georgaki (NKUA)
The ASMA Project for assisting vocal pedagogy in the classroom

 12.15 – 12.45  Jacob Steinhauer, Evangelos Angelakis, Sofia Stavropoulou, Kostas Katsantonis
Teachers’s Guidebook -Aesthetics-Somatosensory Learning and Singing Cognition

12.45 – 13.45  Areti Andreopoulou, Natalia Kotsani, Giorgos Dedousis                                                             The ASMA toolkit box

13.45   ASMA Tools Demonstration & Discussion

14.30   Lunch Break

15.30   Sound Walk at the Ancient agora and Kerameikos cemetery
16.45   Coffee break
Labmat, NKUA

17.00   Workshop

19.00   Cocktail Bar / Finger food